By having a licensed lawyer submit the application on your behalf, you:

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Why having a licensed lawyer submit your application is in your best interests

1. Avoid and reduce long immigration delays caused by incomplete applications;
2. Ensure that you meet the necessary requirements to qualify under the right category;
3. Are asked the right questions to avoid any future complications or refusals (complicated immigration history, inadmissibility, criminality, misrepresentation issues);
4. Transfer the time-consuming task of completing, preparing and submitting the application onto a licensed professional.

The immigration lawyer:

1. Relies on past experiences with Citizenship and Immigration Canada to develop a robust and strategic application;
2. Ensures the required forms are complete and correct by reviewing in detail the accurate and pertinent information with you;
3. Reviews and refers to the most updated legislation and court decisions to ensure that your application meets the requirements of the current rules, regulations, and policies;
4. Collects additional supporting documentation relevant to your file and prepares a submission letter outlining the legal basis for your application, your background information, eligibility, admissibility and any exceptional circumstances.

Immigration rules, regulations, and policies are always changing, and an immigration lawyer can provide you with pertinent, up to date information as well as guide and assist you throughout your entire immigration process.

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Mary Keyork provides Immigration Law services for hundreds of immigration applications in all categories and has appeared before all three divisions of the Immigration and Refugee Board as well as at the Federal Court of Canada, successfully representing clients in complex immigration applications and hearings.
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