The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program is designed to attract educated, skilled applicants who can communicate in English or French. There are minimum requirements for all FSW applicants, including:

• A minimum of one year, qualifying, full-time work experience, or an equivalent in part-time experience;
• Minimum English or French abilities; and
• Minimum educational requirements.

Applicants who fail to meet the minimum requirements will not be considered. For those who do, they must achieve sufficient points.

FSW applicants are assessed with respect to six selection factors, and awarded points for each factor. Currently, applicants must attain a minimum of 67 points to be considered. The selection factors are:

• Education;
• Work experience;
• Age;
• English or French ability;
• Adaptability; and
• Arranged Employment.

FSW applicants are now required to apply through the Express Entry (EE) system. The EE system is the process by which applicants who meet the minimum requirements are selected by the Government of Canada to apply for permanent residence. Only applicants who receive and Invitation to Apply (ITA) are allowed to actually file a full application and receive permanent residence.

Applicants who achieve at least 67 points must still calculate a second set of points on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to determine whether they will given an ITA. Since the implementation of the EE system, the lowest score to have been given and ITA was 450 points, and most of the invitations were well beyond that score. This added layer of ranking requires careful planning and consideration, as there are factors, especially approved employment in Canada, which will dramatically increase an applicant’s CRS points.

FSW applicants must also demonstrate sufficient settlement funds to enable them to become established in Canada, and like any applicants, must pass medical, criminality and security checks.

Applicants considering applying under the FSW program, or simply creating a profile on the EE system website must be careful and accurate, and should only apply when fully prepared. We have over twenty years experience assisting applicants with FSW applications and are able to guide applicants from start to finish.

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