If you are in Canada as a visitor and wish to stay longer, you can submit an In-Canada Extension of your Visitor status. Foreign nationals who are visa exempt as well as the ones that are not exempt can apply for this application. You must ensure to submit this application before the expiry of your visitor status. In order to be issued the extension, you have to demonstrate to Citizenship and Immigration Canada the reasons why you wish to stay longer, how you will financially support yourself in Canada and when you intend to leave Canada.

If you are visiting a friend or a family member in Canada, it is recommended to include in your extension application documentation relating to the person you are visiting such financial statements, ownership documentation and employment information.

Should the extension be approved, you will receive a Visitor Record, which will have an expiration date. This Visitor Record does not allow re-entry into Canada as it only provides you with visitor status while you are physically in Canada.

If your extension application is refused, you will receive a refusal letter, which will contain the date by which you will need to depart from Canada.

You can apply for as many extensions as you wish, but it is recommended to properly outline in each application the exact reasons for your extended stay in Canada.

If you status as a visitor expired and you did not apply for the visitor extension, you will have to submit an application for a restoration of status within 90 days from the expiration of your visitor status. You will need to provide an explanation as to why you missed the deadline to file for your extension. If your restoration application is approved, your status will be restored as a visitor.

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