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Why should I consult with a Canadian Immigration Lawyer?

To determine the best solution and strategy for your immigration matter, we must conduct a consultation with you. During a meeting, an immigration lawyer will ask you specific questions on your immigration issue as well as review your documentation. The consultation process is entirely confidential.

It is important to address all relevant issues during the meeting to allow the immigration lawyer to have a complete understanding and knowledge of your entire situation to avoid surprises down the road in your immigration file.

Once the immigration lawyer has obtained all the information from you, you will be provided with legal advice. The immigration lawyer will also be able to give approximate timelines as well as possible outcomes based on your particular case.

Should you chose to retain the services of the immigration lawyer, you will be provided with a Retainer Agreement which will outline the working relationship between you and the immigration attorney. Once you have retained the services, you will be provided with instructions and a detailed list of documents needed to begin work on your file.

Once we have obtained the documentation, we will:

• Review your documents and advise you if we require further information;
• Review and complete all the required forms;
• Ensure we have prepared a robust and qualifying application;
• Make a submission letter (cover letter) which will outline the facts and legal background of your case;
• Submit your completed application to the appropriate Immigration office;
• Follow up on the processing of your application by regularly contacting immigration on your behalf as your representative;
• Supervise and handle your application until finalization.

Although immigration applications may at times seem simple to prepare, having a lawyer specializing in immigration on board will prevent potentials refusals, delays and complications. Immigration applications must be made meticulously and with care as not doing so will result in an application, being returned or refused. To deal with a refusal, re-applications, appeals or judicial reviews will be necessary, which can further delay the application for years.

Specialized immigration lawyers have submitted hundreds of applications and have a good understanding of immigration processes, policies, rules, and regulations. An immigration lawyer will assist you in navigating through the complex immigration system and help you in obtaining positive results.