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When do you really need an immigration lawyer?

If you’re a person who’s not very diligent with paperwork and isn’t going to take the time to go over each sentence, every document you’re including to make sure that the application is perfect, then it’s recommended that you get professional assistance. Unfortunately, the Canadian immigration system it’s a complex bureaucracy where thousands of applications are filed and processed each month. Very often, if you missed a signature, or didn’t fill out a section on a form, your application might get returned to you in it’s entirety, or it could be refused altogether. That can cause a lot of issues and delays in your professional and personal life, especially if you had specific plans to move or travel to Canada.

If you have already applied and have been denied, the safest and best thing to do to make sure that your application is on the right track is to consult with an immigration lawyer to determine whether your new application should be handled by an immigration expert.

In immigration law, rules and regulations are changing all the time. Combined with this is the complex administrative system by which immigration applications are processed.

For example, you might think that submitting five photos in your spousal sponsorship application are sufficient to demonstrate the genuineness of your relationship. However, as lawyers, we usually recommend that you submit at least 30 to 50 photos, in colour, with descriptions and dates. These little nuances make a big difference.

Or another example – you prepared your application, and you mailed it by regular mail to the immigration office. This is not recommended – immigration applications should always be submitted by registered mail or courier for you to have a tracking number if your application is lost or delayed.

You wouldn’t set your broken bones, would you? If you think you have a complex application that requires attention, consulting and maybe hiring an immigration lawyer is what you need!