In Do you need a lawyer?
Mary Keyork
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In short, no you don’t. A lot of people decide to handle their immigration application process on their own. It really depends on the type of person you are and if you like doing paper work!

However, there are so many benefits to hiring an immigration lawyer. For example, the likelihood of your application being denied is significantly reduced simply because you’re hiring a professional who understands the entire legal process, from what words to use, how to write things, what supporting documents you need or should include (even if it’s not written on any website/document check list.)

The biggest benefit in having an immigration lawyer is less stress. You don’t have to worry that you forgot to send in one of the oh so many forms or documents required. You don’t have to worry that you filled in the wrong section of an application or that you filled out the wrong application altogether. That’s what your lawyer is for! Immigration application forms can be extremely confusing and are constantly changing!

Now, here’s where a lot of people get discouraged. Most law firms do charge a consultation fee. And it’s usually between $150-$300 for an hour depending on the firm and the level of expertise. But this fee is usually deducted from the over all legal fees if you decide to hire the firm – most immigration law firms have this policy. So it’s not a waste of money since you’re not only getting valuable information that can change your future, but you’re also putting a deposit on your lawyer.

In the grand scheme of things, although looking for and hiring the right lawyer might seem overwhelming and confusing at times, working with a qualified and experienced immigration lawyer can exponentially change the outcome of your immigration application.