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What is the average wait time for a Canadian immigration application?

Quick answer: Probably longer than you think!

While you are probably aware that most Canadian immigration applications require an applicant to complete one or more forms, many immigration applications also require additional, supporting documents.

Sometimes these extra materials must be ordered from various government departments or agencies, and it can take several weeks or even months to receive those documents. Sometimes, the additional documents have to be obtained from friends, family, employers, health care professionals, educational institutions, or other organizations, and it may take time for these people and agencies to provide the documents to an applicant.

As you can see, the collection of documents can take months in some cases!

Applications submitted for processing that is ‘incomplete’ due to missing forms or documents might be returned without being processed, or even refused, and a re-application, if possible, will naturally add to the time it takes for an applicant to receive a final decision.

We advise all of our clients to allow plenty of time in advance for the completion of forms and the collection of documents. Our lawyers have extensive experience putting together strong, well supported and complete immigration applications in every type of immigration matter and would be happy to assist you with yours.

If you would like our assistance, kindly contact us to set up a consultation, and we would be glad to speak with you about the immigration process(es) that you might like to undertake.