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I came to Canada on a work permit, valid until 2015, to work for a company in Markham. My wife and son have remained in China. As we are finding it difficult to spend so much time apart, we have decided to apply for permanent residence in Canada, and my employer supports that. In the meantime, I would like to know if they may join me in Canada while we are waiting. My son is 18 years old, and would like to work in Canada instead of going to school. Is this allowed?
Both your wife and son may apply for open work permits provided your work permit was given for a position that is NOC A, B or 0 (professional, trade or management) and must be valid for at least six months (which it is). As long as your son remains a dependent child pursuant to the Immigration regulations, he will be entitled to the work permit. In addition, as the dependent child working-age work permit is only granted as part of a pilot project in Ontario, they must make the application before July 31, 2013, and will receive permits which will expire on the same date as yours. In addition, they will need to meet the normal requirements as visitors to Canada, including demonstrating an intention to remain only temporarily in Canada, or dual intent. As this adds some legal complexity you should obtain specific legal advice. In addition, as you have indicated that you wish to apply for permanent residence, I urge you to do so quickly, as the regulations and requirements are changing constantly.