Can I Invite My Parents To Visit Me In Canada?

Mary Keyork
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How to invite your parents on a visitor visa to Canada

Yes, you can. If your parents’ country of citizenship is not visa exempt, they will need to apply for a Visitor Visa.

In order to obtain Visitor Visas, your parents will need to demonstrate that their stay in Canada will be temporary as well as sufficient funds to pay for the trip Canada. They must also demonstrate that they will return to their home country upon the expiration of their visitor status. An Immigration Officer will ultimately determine to issue the Visas. It is recommended to submit a complete application with strong supporting documents.

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    Samira Rashid

    Hi there! I am a Canadian citizen residing in Canada, and would like my parents to come for a visit in December for my daughter’s wedding. My parents are Pakistani citizens living in Pakistan. Is there anyway I can apply for a visit visa for them from Canada? That is, I would like to file their visit visa application here in Canada. Please advice as to how to file a paper application from within Canada.

      Carolyn T.

      Hi Samira,

      Thank you for your immigration inquiry! The short answer to your question is, Yes. You can apply for a visitor visa for your parents to come to Canada for a short period of stay. If you would like them to visit for a longer period of time (1 year or more) then other options may be possible. To discuss your situation and options in further detail, please send us an email directly at:

      We look forward to hearing from you soon!


    i want to invite my parent to visit me at Toronto, my income depend ODSP, does the Government need to check my income? i have no idea , please help, how can i do ?

      Brian McFarlane

      Hi Lily,

      Thank you for your question! You can certainly invite your parents to visit you in Canada. Depending on which country they’re coming from, they may need to apply for a visitor visa or an eTA. It’s important to provide with your application strong supporting documentation of your parent’s intent as visitors in Canada and that they will in fact be returning to their country. With respect to the income requirement, this is definitely a factor that is considered in the officers assessment. And it’s important to submit a proper explanation along with specific documents, I suggest you schedule a consultation with our office to discuss further. If you wish to proceed, please send me an email at:


    Hi How r u mam /sir
    I want to invite my parents to Canada as vister
    I need ur advice
    Pleas call me or give me ur number
    My number 514 865 6553

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