I Have Applied For Visitor Visas On Several Occasions And Each Time They Have Been Refused?

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A refusal of a TRV application can be the result of many factors and each refusal is usually accompanied by a list of reasons or issues that caused the evaluating CIC officer to render a refusal. The officer’s primary concern is usually that an applicant will enter Canada, but then will not leave at the end of the visa.
If you have been refused several times, it may be in your best interest to have an experienced professional look at the reasons for the refusals and the documentation that you provided in your application. If you have presented strong, well-documented applications that have addressed the question of your bona fide intention to visit Canada temporarily, you may wish to consider the other legal avenues available to you, including requesting a judicial review.
Our lawyers are experienced in preparing comprehensive TRV applications and would be happy to review your applications and refusals and advise you on the options available to you.

Please feel free to schedule a consultation during which our lawyers will be able to discuss the specific details of your case with you.



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