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Is it possible to get a study permit extension while still studying in Canada?

My study permit is going to expire in July 2012, and I have not finished my studies yet. I normally should have graduated in 2010, but I still have several credits to get. The problem is that last year, I applied for a study permit extension as I had still not finished my program, and I was only given one year. I have only obtained one credit since then, so I am worried that I will not get a renewal.

What are my chances?

It appears that you are either having academic difficulties or you are not attending classes. It is very important for us to identify the reasons for your failure to complete your program, as this will influence whether Immigration will issue a further study permit. In addition, in order to determine your chances of obtaining an extension of your study permit, we would need to review the previous application to ensure that there are no other issues that need to be addressed. In normal circumstances, an extension of a study permit will be granted when a student has struggled academically but is making efforts to improve or changing to a more compatible program. In cases where the student is not actually studying, the issue becomes more difficult and complicated. It would be best for you to obtain more detailed legal advice.