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Mary Keyork
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For a detainee to be released from detention, the Immigration Division must be satisfied that the detainee is not a danger to Canadian society and will not be a flight risk. If you wish to assist your family member, you can present yourself as a bonds person at the detention review and present a cash bond or a performance bond. As a bonds person, you should demonstrate that you have a close relationship with the detainee, that you are completely aware of his immigration matters and that you will have a positive influence on him upon his release. A bonds person should be a Permanent Resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen and ideally, should be employed, have assets and have financial capability.

Once a person is detained, she/he is entitled first to a 48-hour detention review, then a seven-day detention review and finally, a detention review once a month. An early detention review can be requested if there is new information available.

It is best to have an immigration lawyer present at a detention review to make submissions in support of the release of the detainee.