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How to address traveling with a Canadian work permit

My work permit will expire on April 30, 2014, and I have applied to extend my work permit. I would like to leave Canada on holiday on April 30th and return on May 15th. Will I have a problem re-entering Canada?
You should be very careful in this situation. You have not indicated when you applied to extend your work permit, nor provide details regarding your current work permit and your new work permit application. If you have applied for a work permit with respect to continuing the same employment, you will have implied status until the new work permit is issued. If you have applied for a work permit with a different employer or different job, then you will not be permitted to continue working. In your situation, if you leave the country, you would also not have the benefit of implied status. In such a case, you may still be able to return to Canada if you have a multiple entry temporary resident visa (visitor visa) which has not expired, however, you would need to explain the circumstances surrounding your work permit and your intentions in Canada. Generally, I would recommend remaining in Canada until the new work permit is issued. You should consult with an immigration lawyer to obtain proper, detailed legal advice before leaving Canada.