The Express Entry system was introduced on January 1, 2015, and is an online platform designed to facilitate permanent residence for candidates with skills in particular demand in Canada.  Applicants create a profile in the Express Entry system, and are provided a score on the Comprehensive Ranking System.  The federal government issues Invitations to Apply to candidates with the highest scores, and those applicants must complete applications for permanent residence in one of the established categories, such as Federal Skilled Worker or Canadian Experience Class.

 Candidates in the Express Entry pool who have not been selected to receive and Invitation to Apply within one year are required to re-register.  It is imperative to create an accurate and complete Express Entry profile in order to maximize your potential to be selected.  Once issued an Invitation to Apply, applicants must provide all of the required documents, including English or French test scores, Educational Credential Assessments, proof of employment, police clearances and all other relevant documents.  It is essential to be well prepared to avoid any inconsistencies or errors that could lead to refusal.