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Federal Skilled Worker Program – May 4, 2013: What are the new rules?

Several of my friends had heard that the new federal skilled worker program was going to be re-opened on May 4, 2013, and that it was open to everyone.  Recently we heard that it is limited to only certain occupations.  What are the new rules, and who can apply? 

When the program was originally announced, there was no indication that the category would be limited to selected occupations.  However, it was recently announced that only those from 24 occupations would be eligible to apply, unless they had an employment offer from a qualified Canadian employer.  The 24 occupations can be found on the CIC website at www.cic.gc.caunder federal skilled worker program.  In addition, all new applicants must score at least 67 points on the new point system, which greatly emphasizes English ability and age.  Finally, there is a new minimum English requirement, which requires all applicants to score at least 6.0 on all four IELTS categories, which will make it difficult for many applicants to qualify.  If your friends’ occupations are not on the Eligible Occupations list, they would need to find a Canadian employer to offer them a position in order to qualify.